In the Kitchen with Laura

One of the things I miss most given I’m abroad is having the liberty to cook whatever I want at any time in my household kitchen. I’m always watching cooking videos or reading food blogs online, so I especially miss the part of being able to scurry over to the kitchen to try out a recipe minutes after watching a video. That being said, I have loved getting to know Laura as a person through her food and cooking; as she cooks, I often sit at the kitchen dining table to talk to her and ask her about the recipe. So many of the recipes she makes are ones that have been documented by her mother and grandmother. She even has a special cookbook of vegetarian recipes in Spanish cuisine that she uses mostly to make me dishes or try out new plant-based dishes. I want to document some of the dishes she has made for me over the course of my time here, as some of my fondest memories with her are accompanied by the many conversations we had while whipping together dinner.

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